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Slumber Bags

The Enchantails mermaid tail slumber bag sets turn playtime and sleepovers into a magical realm of adventure, learning and inspiration. Designed to ignite imagination, Enchantails slumber bags create hours of fun, role play and sweet dreams, making every child feel like a Royal Mermaid daughter of Oceana.

Each Enchantails slumber bag tells the story of a magical mermaid and her ocean friend educating about history, geography and the ocean. The slumber bag sets reflect the world of Oceana and its 12 realms that are based on worldwide cultural mermaid mythologies and real-life places in the ocean. Royal mermaids Kelani, Lucienne, and Tasi are the first three currently offered.

These unique slumber bags are carefully crafted and composed of high quality fabrics and special glow-in-the-dark threading. The elegant and plush slumber bags come with an adventure chapter book, a carry tote, a decorator pillow, and wall decals featuring the mermaids with their Sea Buddies. The Sea Buddies are the mermaids’ sidekicks and represent endangered and near-threatened species in order to teach children about the importance of ecological conservation and human responsibility.